Monday, November 28, 2016

Repair Fundamentals Lens & Camera

Repair Fundamentals Lens & Camera

Repair Fundamentals Lens & Camera

These were made in order to show people what are the important tools and practices for repairing cameras and lenses. If you are new to this, I advise that you read every article. I wrote this so that newcomers will not be frustrated because there is almost nothing on the internet on these topics.

Lens Repair Articles

Lens Repair Articles:

Here is the core of my blog. I intend to have the most comprehensive database found on the internet for everything related to the repair of classic Nikkor lenses. As of this date, I believe that this blog is the only one of its kind and I currently have the most articles on this subject. I wrote these to prevent people from making mistakes while repairing their own lenses. The articles contain a brief history of the highlighted lens as well as plenty of sample pictures taken with it. I do update each article occasionally so please check on the facebook page named Classic Nikon Maintenance to see if I updated anything.

General Repair

Camera Repair & General Repair Articles:

Here are my articles pertaining to general camera repair and some DIY articles for lenses or anything related to them. Just like the lens repair articles these will also be updated on an occasional basis. Please check them out, many things here are exclusive to this blog.

Custom split image microprism focusing screens for DSLR cameras...

NIKON D800 D750 D600 D610 Df Focusing Screen Installation Instruction

3000 - New Taiwan Dollar equals - around 100 USD

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