Monday, May 1, 2017

How To Shoot Dreamy Backlit Portraits

How To Shoot Dreamy Backlit Portraits 

With Natural Light

Lisa Holloway - How To Shoot Dreamy Backlit Portraits With Natural Light - tutorial

My favorite subjects to shoot are often the people closest to me—my own 10 children.  My two-year-old son, Elliott, has slowly been working his way out of the “run-away-from-the-camera-as-fast-as-my-little-feet-can-take-me’ phase and progressing into the ‘oh-I-might-sit-here-for-a-few-pictures-if-you-let-me-have-ice-cream’ phase.  I had been wanting to take some updated photos of him and settled on a country boy theme.  I was going for something simple that would draw attention directly to him and allow your eyes to settle on his face...

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