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How to build Large format Folding Camera - III

How to build Large format Folding Camera - III

inspiration how to build LFC  /  ULF camera


4x10 panorama
12x20 ...

Building a Large Format Camera
Camera Builders

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New StenopeiKa 810se folding camera professional

Ebonycamera - SV810/SV810E

Gibellini Italian 8x10

Building a Camera: Part Two

I've posted several photos in the image-sharing section. BTW, I forgot to add that the film and plate holders are also DIY
collodion plate taken with the camera

23-Nov-2013, 20:08
This is a follow up to my previous 5x7 build (found here ( )).
Again, it's a non-folding/wide-angle design to primarily fit the very beefy Super-Angulon 165 f8. It can also acomodate a 210mm lens focused to about 5 feet. I improved many things, mainly the lever driven spring back, added front-shift and front-tilt movements and (hopefully) refined the design. The bellow frames are held in place with neodymium magnets, as is the rotating back.
All wooden parts are made from Bubinga, (almost) all metal is 6061 aluminum, the black rods/tubes are carbon fiber, the ground glass is hand-ground and laser scored 1/8" acrylic, the back leaf-springs are cut from phosphor bronze and the bellows are made out of the Thorlabs BK5 fabric.

Thoughts and suggestions are very welcome.
JP ( ...
more pics in the next reply ...

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McrCameras Folding Camera

8x10 inc
Available 4x5 8x10 10x12 11x14 inc. Made in Italy 100%


Korona Panoramic View Camera, 8x20”

Korona catalogue - pdf 

These Are What 8x20 Kodak Portra Film Scans Looks Like

Kodak competitors

Shen Hao 5x12   HZX512-IIA

Thread: Shen-Hao 5x12?

Shen Hao camera - ebay

Lenses to cover 5x12

4x10 inch       s přesahem cca na 12-14 inch
jako viz níže
neboť digital je od objektivu dál než film

něco jako

4x10 inch DIY View Camera


2 Cool

4X10 inch format frame for Horsman L series single rail view camera

Shen Hao 6x17 Panorama Roll Film Back For 4x5 Camera Linhof Toyo Sinar Tachihara

DAYI 6x17 6x14 6x12 Multi-Format Roll Film Back Linhof Wista TOYO 4x5" Camera

Columbus, Ohio
- based photographer Mat Marrash has been working in large format photography for the past six years — a span longer than pretty much any other hobby that’s emerged in his life. He has also spent a lot of time thinking about why photography has had such a big impact on him.
He shares those musings with us in this 2.5-minute video by Rooted Content.

“Large format is the type of hobby that pulls you in and takes you down the rabbit hole,” writes the studio. You can view examples of Marrash’s work over on his website and Flickr...

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