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Golden Rule of Thirds and Fibonacci Spiral

Golden Rule of Thirds and Fibonacci Spiral

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Fibonacci spiral

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Photography Tip of the Day: Is there more to the rule of thirds than meets the eye?

Some say that the rule of thirds is based on the more complex "golden ratio" (you know, the one that looks like a shell, based on the Fibonacci sequence?)

If you want to really take your composition to the next level, try overlaying the golden ratio instead of the basic rule of thirds when composing your images.

The image I found below is from www.exposureguide.com (thank you!) and shows the three ways the golden ratio can be applied to photography.

And if you're interested in learning a bit more, read this: http://www.photographyicon.com/goldenratio/

Last - did you know you can actually turn this on in Lightroom, instead of the basic crop overlay you see? Just hit the letter "O" when the crop overlay is active! WOWEE COOL!

SO, if you like, show me an image of your that follows the golden rule...I bet you have some that follow it, but not the rule of thirds...and they actually look BETTER!! - Kelly

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