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... when taking a picture in LV the sequence is: 0. (mirror is already up, the aperture is already stopped down.) 1. shutter closes (second curtain travels down)
  1. aperture opens all the way (like you have taken a shot and you need to look in the OVF between shots) - now the shutter is re-cocked
  2. aperture closes back down. (now it will close at the value set previously when in LV)
  3. shutter opens and closes.
  4. aperture opens all the way back up (again)
  5. aperture closes back down.
  6. shutter opens, live view resumes.
the only Nikons that can vary the aperture in live view are the Nikon D3 family; the brand new D4 and D800. These more expensive cameras have a separate electromagnetic actuator for the mechanical lever.
on the D7000 this is not a software lock, it is a mechanical limitation...

...only d3´s , d4´s and the d800 got gifted by nikon with a relatively expensive electromagnetic high speed precision actuator and a redesigned mirrorbox which r&d costs are partly reflecting in the prices of these units...



D800 Time-Lapse Movie Possible Damage to Mirror Functionality of Camera

Parts Required
1H998-285 I PLATE UNIT = 116.64
1H998-288 Mirror UNIT = 41.17


Aperture Charge Unit For Nikon D800 D800E Aperture Control With Motor 1H998-285
ebay  US $57.95

Nikon mirror D800

Here dies artborghi’s Nikon D800 killed by weather, humidity and oxidation

I am Nikon repair service : I am the one who repaired my Nikon D800!

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