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Skin or face colour in CMYK

Skin or face colour in CMYK

It's not about COLOR accuracy it's about naturalness and beauty 

How to get pleasing skin tone
It's not about color accuracy
Measuring the colors
Reasonable magenta & yellow values
Too much color
The surprising power of cyan
Okay. Puhlease tell me how to fix my photos the easy way!

ColorChecker: How to get PERFECT skin colors with every camera

Dan Margulis
Professional Photoshop: The Classic Guide to Color Correction (5th Edition)

Lee Varis, the owner and founder of Varis PhotoMedia

Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing, and Retouching Faces and Bodies

The Fundamentals Of Color Theory

light Caucasian skin example
Lt. Caucasian
C= 3 M=15
Y=16 K= 0

average Caucasian skin tone
C= 6 M=27
Y=32 K= 0

dark Caucasian skin tone
 Dk. Caucasian
C=17 M=50
Y=58 K= 0

Asian skin tone example
C= 8 M=30
Y=48 K= 0

light Black skin tone
 Lt. Black
C=21 M=53
Y=69 K= 3

dark Black skin
 Dk. Black
C=46 M=67
Y=77 K=50

Correcting Skin Tone
with Nationality (Ethnic) Variations
by: Chris Orwig

Mastering HSL in Lightroom – Part 1 of 3
Mastering HSL in Lightroom – Part 2 of 3
Mastering HSL in Lightroom – Part 3 of 3

Red spots - They're too red!

Some fair-skinned Caucasians are dismayed to learn that digital cameras with on-camera flash make their faces go nuclear.

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Colour Correction in Aperture

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D800 gradations in skin tones and mid tones is much smoother

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Skin Tone Samples PS Elements

Skin tones

Race (human classification)

No matter what skin tone or color you have, just remember that you are beautiful and unique in your own special way. Choose colors that fit you the best and don't worry about any one else unless you're buying them a gift...

RGB Color Analysis for Face Detection

A New Algorithm for Human Face Detection Using Skin Color Tone

portrait skin color - post processing Martin Schoeller


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    with Nationality (Ethnic) Variations

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