Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nikon D70 D80 D90 Viewfinder D7000

Nikon D70 D80 D90 Viewfinder D7000

Nikon D70 Viewfinder
Like all SLRs, by definition the D70 has an optical viewfinder that receives light through the same lens that will direct light to the imager when the mirror flips up and the shutter opens

Nikon D80 Viewfinder
Like most dSLRs, the Nikon D80 uses an optical viewfinder that works through the lens...

Nikon D90 Viewfinder
As with most DSLRs, the Nikon D90 has an optical viewfinder that lets you view your subject through the lens. Following a popular trend though, it also offers a Live View mode, in which the mirror flips...

Nikon D90 Viewfinder
Optical viewfinder. Similar to the Nikon D80's viewfinder, the Nikon D90's 11-point autofocus system is arrayed in a diamond formation. Still called the Multi-Cam 1000, as on the D80, the Nikon D90's AF engine has been updated to include

Nikon D7000 Viewfinder
The Nikon D7000's viewfinder is rated at 100% coverage, and is a bright, pentaprism design with 0.94x magnification at 50mm and -1 diopter, and a 19.5mm eyepoint. A diopter adjustment dial to the top-right on the viewfinder eyepiece offers a diopter adjustment range of -3 to +1...

Nikon D80 vs. D70 and D50

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NIKON D80 Competitors

NIKON D90 Competitors

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NIKON D7000 Competitors

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