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Middle format versus large format camera

Middle format versus large format camera

Film Formats

Brutální rozlišení filmu strčí do kapsy i digitální zrcadlovky


DIGITAL CAMERA SENSOR SIZES Why Medium Format Is So Gorgeous (It's About More Than Resolution)
Analog Film Photography



Photography Calculators



The Intrepid 4x5 Camera - An Affordable Large Format Camera  
by The Intrepid Camera Co.



4x5" and Large Format Cameras, Lenses and Film (93 × 118 mm)  ken rockwell

35 mm film wiki

135, 35mm                    24 × 36 mm .95″ x 1.42″

120/220, 6 × 4.5 (645)  56 × 42 mm 2.21″ x 1.65″

120/220, 6 × 6               56 × 56 mm 2.21″ x 2.21″

120/220, 6 × 9               56 × 84 mm 2.21″ x 3.31″

120/220, 6 × 12             56 × 112 mm 2.21″ x 4.42″

large format 4 × 5 sheet film 93 × 118 mm 3.67″ x 4.65″

large format 5 × 7 sheet film 120 × 170 mm (image area)

large format 8 × 10 sheet film 194 × 245 mm 7.64″ x 9.65″

1 roll of 35mm 36 exposure = 1 roll of 120 = 1 sheet of 8×10 = 4 sheets of 4×5

12 Reasons Why I Use Large Format Photography in 2014

Tim Layton - Analog Film Photography Blog


Large format lenses

Great place for used lenses www.keh.com
Great place for LF stuff (including lenses) www.catlabs.info
This list is a little old so ignore the prices but it is very comprehensive www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF4x5in.html
This list is a little more up to date, and features some other intersting info about large format lenses www.ebonycamera.com/articles/lenses.html
Main things to remember when buying are to make sure that:
  • The glass is clean and has no fungus.
  • The lens is in a shutter that does not stick and works well (accurate speeds etc).
  • The lens filter ring has no dents on it.
In all honesty you can't go far wrong getting any Schneider, Rodenstock, Fuji or Nikon Large format lens. As long as it is between 75-300mm, in good condition and mounted on a Linhof/Technika style lens board, it will be a fantastic place to start.



Choosing A First Lens for Large Format

Best Lens to use with 4x5 camera

Lenses Large Format/Panoramic  -  ffordes.com





Best Hair Styles For Your Face Shape - And How To Find Your Face Shape

Easy Face Shape Test

How To Figure Out Your Eye Shape by Smashbox | Sephora

12 EYELINER TUTORIALS ★ For all Eye Shapes

Ombre Lips Tutorial with 3 Different Styles | milavictoria

make up
tvar očí
tvar obličeje

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Why a Professional Photographer Left Nikon or Canon for Sony Mirrorless

Why a Professional Photographer Left Nikon or Canon for Sony Mirrorless

10 Reasons Why a Professional Photographer Left Nikon for Sony Mirrorless

10 Reasons Why a Professional Photographer Left Nikon and started shooting with Sony by Jason Lanier

Sony A6000 and Sony A7S

Fuji X100S - skoro geniální foťák


Půl roku bez zrcadla

Mám díky Fuji lepší fotky?

Ne, dobrou fotku nedělá technika, ta ji může jen limitovat nebo podpořit, resp. někdy dokonce umožnit. Ale mám kvalitnější fotky a občas mi Fuji skutečně umožní vyfotit to, co jsem dříve nemohl. Kombinace skvělých objektivů a X-Trans snímače je dokonalá a rozdíl v kvalitě je skutečně vidět... 

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Lightroom Presets v6 slrLounge

Lightroom Presets v6 - My Mixology slrLounge.com

Lightroom Presets slrLounge vs Jared Platt

What’s New?

Lightroom Presets v6

- Compatible with LR4 and LR5
- 285 Develop, 31 Local Presets, 5 Export Presets
- Vintage, HDR, B&W Effects and More
- More refined and powerful than v5

Jared Platt - Lightroom Presets

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Krajina fotografie

Krajina fotografie

Krajinná fotografie


Krajinářská fotografie – jak si usnadnit život

Krajinářská fotografie: Proč expozici při focení neřeším?

Staircase Stair

Staircase Stair

Two faces of a staircase

Christian Öser

nightline deviantart


London Heal's Furniture Store - 196 Tottenham Court Road

St. Paul's Cathedral • London - St. Paul's Cathedral View Up along the Spiral Staircase in the South Tower

Iconic London bank building

London Staircase

The Famous Spiral Staircase in Heal’s, London, UK

Light Bulb Inception - Café Stairway in Prague

Spiral Staircases

Best photo editing software review comparison - RAW Converters Comparison

Best photo editing software comparison
RAW Converters Comparison

Non-destructive photo editors

TEST RAW Converters Comparison  -  8 tools compared

points   place
48          1. C1P: PhaseOne Capture One Pro (7.2.2)  fashion favorite  
                                                                           229 €
46          2.  DXO: DXO Optics Pro (9.5) architectural favorite
                                                                           129 € ESSENTIAL Edition, 199 € ELITE Edition

38          3. PN: Picturecode Photo Ninja (1.2.2a)      $129

37          4. ID: Irident Developer (2.4)                        $99

28          5. RPP: RAW Photo Processor (4.7.2)           free

26          6. ALR: Adobe Lightroom (5.4)                  129 €

17          7. AP: Apple Aperture (3.4.5)                        $79.99

12          8. CAP: Corel AfterShot Pro (2.0)                 $69.99


RAW Converters Comparison (8 compared) 
10. conclusion

Adobe invest the most in marketing lies or buy or destroy other companies...
they have monopoly only thanks to lobby and copyright

more below

Discussion BEST: Capture One Pro 7.2.2 (48) + DXO Optics Pro 9.5 (46)

There is really not a lot to choose between these two. If you want the ultimate in noise reduction and lens correction then DXO is probably the better choice; if you want superb tools, local adjustments and focus on colour then Capture One Pro would be my pick. This all explains why, traditionally, DXO is favoured by architectural photographers and
Capture One Pro by fashion photographers.

The landscape photographer requires a bit of both, but for me, Capture One Pro delivers perfectly good lens correction and key-stoning and I very rarely shoot at high ISO and hence have modest noise reduction requirements. Whilst it is necessary to keep an eye on its defaults, which supply overly aggressive luminance noise reduction and sharpening, it is such a pleasure to edit images in that it wins for me. DXO, for want of a better expression, ‘lacks soul’, and using it makes me feel like I’m engaged more in a science project than an artistic endeavour.

Lightroom 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and CC Performance Comparison

Two horse riders galloping through surf; Perran Beach, Perranporth, Cornwall, UK

Adobe Lightroom - I never buy again!

Why Adobe ask me again and again without any improvement?  I think that your team know Lightroom problems very well! Maybe marketing department dominate much more then feedback from your customers!
But if you really don't know how develop better sw  you can learn from DXO Optics Pro  or  from Capture One Pro Imaging Software Zoner Photo Studio X etc.
Btw: I never! never buy any Adobe subscription product! NEVER!

Stop the Monopoly. Don’t Join Adobe’s Creative Cloud

RAW Converters Comparison (8 compared)
| Discussions

OpenDirectly opens files directly into another raw converter or any other application

DxO Labs cuts prices, introduces OpticsPro 10 with atmospheric haze correction and improved noise reduction

Professional image editing software for Mac and

by serif labs company:
Affinity Photo - Professional image editing software for Mac  -  Complete digital darkroom

Affinity Photo SW like Adobe Photoshop only for 49,99 USD :o not per moth but "per forever"!

Work in any colour space:
RGB, CMYK, LAB, Greyscale. End-to-end CMYK workflow with ICC colour management, and 16-bit per channel editing... ... ...

Editing SW Affinity Photo is better than Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC for only $49.99 or 49,99 €
$50 not monthly but forever :-)

Affinity Photo Complete Feature List

Download free trial version or buy here

Affinity Designer (like Photoshop/Illustrator) for Windows is not Affinity Photo ...  but ...    2016

is the best Windows software for editing and organizing your photos

Optimizing your dxo opticspro 10 and lightroom workflow

Optimizing portrait exposure dxo opticspro-11’s spot

Capture One Pro 10: 10 reasons why I’ll never look back

Capture One Pro - Features

Simple Adjustment Guide | Fashion - Capture One Pro - YouTube

Capture One Pro - Skin Tone Edit

Adjusting skin tones is easy in Capture One Pro 10 - mask - and colour
Clone Easy and Simple skin color

Capture One - Fixing Red skin tones in Canon RAW Files ...

My Reasons to Switch to Capture One

Capture One - Editing Photos

How To Tether Your Camera with Capture One Pro - studio or product photo

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Phase One Capture One Pro

I Switched From Phase One to Nikon. Here’s Why

Why DxOMark Doesn’t Test Fujifilm Cameras


Photo Supreme - IDimager


DXO Photolab Elite!



Breaking news: Zoner Photo Studio X work with layers!  :-)   20.9.

New raw Non-destructive editor  -  ON1 Photo RAW


New version and name - DxO PhotoLab


ON1 Photo RAW 2018.1


Lightroom Retouching Tutorial by Serge Ramelli

Lightroom Retouching Tutorial by Serge Ramelli

How to shoot inside of a church without a tripod Lightroom & photoshop tutorial - PLP #54

Wedding photography in a dark church

Lightroom Retouching Tutorial: Create Amazing Sunsets - PLP#74

Multiple Exposure Blend, Lightroom retouching - PLP #29 Podcast by Serge Ramelli

My best tips on shooting & retouching night photos Lightroom 5 tutorial - PLP # 55 by Serge Ramelli

Learn Lightroom 5 - Part 31: Process a Night Image

Travel Photography Retouching Venice Sunrise Lighroom 4 tutorial by Serge Ramelli

Secrets of Shooting and Retouching Urban Landscapes - PLP #103 by Serge Ramelli City London

The Secrets of Interior Design Photography - PLP #128

Creating Depth With Lightroom in Your Photos, Amazing Long Exposure - PLP #142

How to Create Amazing Black & Whites with Silver Efex Pro - PLP #141

Chasing Clouds: Fine Art Black and White Long Exposure Photography with Josh Haftel

15 minute photo challenge - Winchester Cathedral

Low Light Church wedding ceremony photography shoot planning - Preview

The 10 Commandments to Great Wedding Photography for Wedding Couples and Photographers

Wedding Photography Tips: First Look with Joe Buissink

Wedding Photography Tips: Storytelling with Joe Buissink

Creating a Romantic Portrait on Location with Bobbi Lane

Coco Rocha + James Conran // Dream Wedding Short Film

How to Shoot Wedding Photography, Worldwide Destination Photographer, Award winning Jason Lanier paris louvre ...

How to Pose Wedding Photography, Photo Workshops, Jason Lanier Photography, Camaro SS, Gwen Garci

Free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos - Christian Tudor Academy of Photography

From Static to Dynamic: Creating Photographs with Impact