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Warm Brown Skin Tones

Warm Brown Skin Tones

How to achieve brown caramel skin tone in Lightroom

Warm Brown Skin Tones?

How to Correct Skin Tones Using Lightroom’s Color Curves

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RGB Codes for Hair and Skin

Pleasing Skin Tone  LR

Yes, Ignore CMYK (it is unnecessary anyway, Photoshop or LR). The percentage values reflect the actual underlying data (unlike CMYK where every profile and process produces differing values).
As you can see from the examples I’ve provided below, there is a very logical and clear ratio for RGB percentages for skintone using Lightroom.
All the skin here are from reference images using different kinds of skin. Note the ratio between R, G and B:

RGB - 73 62 52

RGB 81 71 61


Balancing Skin Tone and Creating Skin Tone References

C - 18
M - 48
Y - 48
K - 1

Evaluate the CMYK numbers for your sample point. For example, in my photograph, the values at my sample point are:
  • C - 18 
  • M - 48 
  • Y - 48 
  • K - 1
My CMYK chart for skin tones suggests that for average Caucasian skin, I want about 25% more yellow than magenta. In my photograph, the yellow and magenta values are the same, so I will need to add a bit of yellow.
I also want less cyan than magenta. My chart suggests starting with cyan at about 25% of the magenta. In my photograph, the cyan is about one-third of the magenta, so the cyan may need to be adjusted down.
Caucasian skin typically does not have any black, so I will want to be sure that disappears as I adjust my image. Black (as it’s read in the Info panel) is the result of cyan, magenta, and yellow combined so making adjustments to those colours will change the level of black. 

  • C - 18 
  • M - 48 
  • Y - 48 
  • K - 1

  • C - 13 
  • M - 43 
  • Y - 52 
  • K - 0

CMYK - 0, 34,66,70

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