Thursday, December 14, 2017

2018 Event Trends - PhotoBooth

2018 Event Trends - PhotoBooth

5 Photo Booth Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

1) Animated GIFs will become a must-have photo booth feature
2) Customized photo booths will boost corporate events
3) Photo booths will be integrated into unique event activations
4) Digital green screen backgrounds
5) Outdoor photo booths

Hottest Photo Booth Trends of 2018

1. Leaf Blower Experience
2. Projector Booth
3. Headshot Photo Booth
4. iPad Photo Booths
5. Set Design

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Build Your Own Photo Booth Using a Chassis Kit From Shootcase Photo Booth Manufacturing UK

Ultra Light Kiosk Photo booth assembly set up video review

Lighting setup options for your Photo Booth - SLR Booth

Template Manager Export To dslrBooth Pro

Photo Booth Expo 2016
Photo Booth Expo 2017
Photo Booth Expo 2018

2018 Event Trends: Predictions from 21 Event Experts

Event wisdom comes in many forms. Learn about the trends that will dominate the event space in 2018 from experienced industry professionals.

Now that 2018 has arrived, new trends and changes in the the event industry are already rumbling underfoot. Preparing for these changes early on in the year will be a key factor for developing a successful event strategy. And what better way to kick off the new year than with event trend predictions from a group of event experts?

We asked 21 event professionals one question:

What will be the biggest event trend in 2018?

Our respondents covered a wide range of topics, offering insights into how the industry will continue to evolve. Some event trend predictions were in long form while others got straight to the point. All in all, these answers will help you better prepare for the changes that are to come.

Some of the topics that were mentioned include:

Partnership Event Marketing
Event Design
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Data Security
Event Personalization

... more continue

Sagewood Farms - Amanda and Ben — Snaptique-ca

Set Design - Pinterest

Pre or post-service activity idea

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A View Camera Photo Booth Created with a DSLR and Sawed Off iMac

... Harvey and McMullen currently rent the camera to customers for $600 for 6 hours of supervised fun. As each guest snaps a photograph, he or she is given a red ticket with a number used to view the photo through an online gallery ...

Portrait Tintypes

Wireless 55 inch indoor rotating advertising screen product

Photobooth Kiosk, Photobooth Kiosk Suppliers and Manufacturers

interactive advertising projection

Thinking about Getting Into Home Photo Printing? Be Careful What You Wish For!

Photo Booth
Photo Corner
Photobooth Photo Corner

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