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ICC profile editor

ICC profile editor

Andrew Shepherd's   ICC Profile Toolkit

ColorThink 2 - Profile Renamer  -  chromix.com    


ICM profile hacker

Epson ICM colour management hack

Windows/System 32/spool/driver/color

ChangeDescription 1.0

Andrew Shepherd's   ICC Profile Toolkit:
works in windows 10

ReadMe.txt (preliminary)

10 July 2000

PLEASE NOTE: This software will NOT work with WINDOWS® 95 or WINDOWS® NT 4.0 or EARLIER.

ICC Shell (Explorer) Extension

What does this extension do?

It adds an infotip to .icc and .icm files. The infotip will display the (internal) description, class e.g. monitor ,type of color space e.g. RGB, and the, of the selected profile.

How you see the infotip will depend on how you have your folder options set up.

The extension also adds a right-click context menu entry. This entry depends on the currently viewed folder in Explorer.

When the .icc/.icm file(s) are NOT in the system color folder then this entry will COPY the selected file(s) to the system color folder.

NOTE: No checking of the file type is done so non .icc/.icm files can be copied if they are selected during a multiple file transfer. If you DO wish to copy a non .icc/.icm file you must include a .icc/.icm file in the selection and right-click on the .icc/.icm file.

When the .icc/icm file(s) are IN the system color folder then this entry will MOVE the selected file(s) to a backup folder, that you specify. In Windows® 98 this folder needs to exist before using this function. Under Windows® 2000 & Windows® ME you will be able to create a new folder from within the browse for folder dialog.


Allows the modification of the description string that is stored within a color profile. This program is added to your Start menu as “ICC Profile Toolkit->ChangeDescription”.


Q. I cannot get the infotip to display?

A. Make sure that “Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items” is checked on the view tab in folder options.

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