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6x17 panorama

6x17 panorama

David Entrican

6x17: nene guta, nene quere « en: 29 de Marzo de 2013, 20:17:54 pm »


Photography On Location: Laguna Beach Palm Trees - nick carver photography

Three Palm Trees - Heisler Park, Laguna Beach, CA

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#hasselblad features

Craigs Hut
 Craigs Hut

Tony Feder Landscape Photography
Craigs Hut at Sunset : Tony Feder, Australian    Panoramic Landscape Photography

Craigs Hut sunrise

Alpine Dawn AD - 1040 » Simon Beedle Australian Landscape Photographer

panorama gallery - Australian Landscape Photography by Bucketty based Photographer, Gareth Bowyer

05-07-2010, 05:46
Now near completion. Two pics for now. Have reached upload limit. Will need to post more tomorrow:

The main parts described:

Put together:

05-08-2010, 04:44
More pics:

Frame with sub-frame. Sub-frame has two purposes. One is to act as a light sealer, the other is to enable the lens box to be slid on and off (as I plan on making several). The fit is so tight friction alone will keep the frame and lens box together. The foot on the lens box is however fastened to the frame for the sake of safety.

Lens box with handle, viewfinder and foot attached:

The P+S compared to a grown up DSLR of the same weight class: > Cameras / Gear / Photography > Classic Film RangeFinders & Other Classics > Large Format Film RF >  
DIY 6x9 or 6x12 or even 6x17

erick russell roberts photography

Gaoersi 6x17 Camera


Mamiya 23 and Super 23 Press Cameras  6x9cm

Moskva - 6x9

05-02-2011, 22:45
And here it is, at least the still non-functioning version. I need to adjust the thickness of the pressure plate somewhat before taking it out for a test run. As I said, the main body is built out of a case for a bottle of A.E.Dor Cognac. That of course ment I had to do what the British are best at, work around the inherent design faults, rather than fix the design.

I had to chop the case down lengthwise as there was a divider 2/3 of the way up. This meant there would be so little room to load and unload the film I had to have a removable chambre noir with film gate and rollers all in one. Getting the rear light tight would be difficult since I have a sliding rear door. The pressure plate has to be removable too, for the same reason the chambre noir is. I chamfered the corners of the face of the camera for cosmetic reasons. The case top, bottom and front are clad in oak. The sides, doubling up as handles, in another hardwood. The lens is the same as for the 4x5/6x12 project, and Fujinon SW 90 f8 on a Chinese helicoid mounted on a Linhof lensboard. Finder also from the 4x5/6x12, with a new mask.

Here are som low resolution pictures describing the parts of the camera. Bottom of this post there's a link to the full resolution pictures.

The camera front (notice the sliding rear door protruding from the side):

The rear and side (again the sliding rear door protruding through the side handle):

Rear with rear door halfway open:

Rear exploded view, parts explained:

Rear view: After putting a roll of film in on one side, and the take up spool on the other, insert chambre noir:

Rear view: Then spool film onto take up spool and insert pressure plate (locating pegs on film gate):

Rear view: Then slide rear door in

The 6x17 RATIO: With its 3:1 ratio it is the format that is the nearest to human horizontally leveled eyesight: the natural panoramic view of humans field of vision. This is of course only true when wide angle lenses are used on this format (80mm, 90mm, 110mm)

However, with more normal to tele lenses (such as 150mm, 180mm, 250mm, 300mm) new abstract views and visions arise that have a more artistic and abstract look since they put a selective focus on a crop with extremely high detailed scenes due to the 6x17 film size.

Other Known Formats:
6x17 | 6x24 (pano)
6x8 | 6x9 (normal)
6x6 | 6x7 (square)
6x4,5 (obsolete)

Comparison of hasselblad panorama on 35mm, normal 35mm, 6x12, 6x6 and 6x17:

The more common formats like 6x4,5 or 6x8 and 6x9 resemble the known 4:3 and 2:3 ratio's common to most other analog and digital cameras, hence those are much less rare in exhibitions.

Compared to non panoramic photo communities, panoramic communities are very rare.

Not everyone understands the contemplative qualities and technical aspects that the 6x17 systems provide to you as a photographer. Ordinary people will find this a heavy and bulky system. They are happy with their point and shoot auto-everything toys.

If you start with 6x17 hobby, Do not expect an overcrowded stream of photos of the same quality or ration in your local photo club. You will be probably the only person in your city with such a system.

Expect surprising looks at strangers trying to figure out what you are doing with such a strange large camera.

Panoramic landscape photography

Horseman SW617 Super Wide Lens Panoramic Camera

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