Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Building a Steadicam

Building a Steadicam

Building a Steadicam

Inventern finalist Ron Erickson has a lot of experience working on rally cars, but went out of his comfort zone in attempting to build a Steadicam camera rig for the final challenge. The biggest hurdle was that he had never seen a Steadicam in person before, even though he understood the mechanical principles behind it. Here's how he fared over the two days of building in San Francisco.

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DIY Florescent Tube Light Beauty Light Thingy

One thing about photography is that from time to time you have creative dry spells and you need some inspiration to keep you going. One place I love to go to when I have my dry spells, or just need some inspiration, is rught here – DIYP, and lucky for me after a while I became a writer here, so… what a coincidence. I had just made my Kick Ass 4 Feet Ringlight and got the DIY itch to create something else. Looking around the blog, I stumbled on this article about beauty florecent lighting.
It “only” took me 3 months of thinking and planning and jut wondering about if I was going to build it. Until I just did ...

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