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pinhole photography

pinhole photography

Zeb Andrews - new cameras - old bridges



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I am an excuse waiting for photography to happen. Anytime, anywhere, with whichever camera happens to be closest at hand

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Next Best Thing Pinhole Project

Reflection, Pinhole Holga medium format camera

Reflection, Pinhole Holga medium format camera

Exposure time calculation - 8banners Pinhole Cam World

Pinhole Camera Calculator

Pinhole Cameras construction

8banners / 8 Banners  vs  Zero image  vs  Au Premier Plan  vs  ...

Pinhole Photography

Pinhole photography is to capture an image without a lens, using the camera body as a camera obscura. Replacing the optical lens by a much cheaper pinhole device you merely fit onto your digital or film camera body.

The pinhole device can be as simple as piercing a pinhole in a camera plastic cap, or a more sophisticate manufactured pinhole cap, or a pinhole pancake with different plates, or a pinhole lens with varying apertures.

Pinhole photography is not about the larger camera sensor, or the sharpest lens money can buy today
but a fun, affordable and timeless creative act.


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