Monday, April 25, 2016

How to build Large format Folding Camera - II

How to build Large format Folding Camera - II


Deardorff Cameras blog view camera

Ultra large format focus system - Nick Thorley

11x14 film holder plate holder

LF DIY (Do It Yourself)

11x14 camera build attempt - Questions

11-Feb-2016, 21:10

Deardorff 11x14 Top Corner Brackets, 2 pcs, stainless steel

Shen Hao PTB 617 - mini review - a good option to consider for 6x17 format

vot-kamera-kotoruyu-sdelal-vadasz-sandor  -

Unboxing and first impressions review of the VDS 8X10 camera

Vadász Sándor

VDS 8X10 camera first impressions

VDS 8X10 ultralight (3.3KG) field camera $2,290.00

VDS 8X10 camera @CatLABS

Is making DIY digital sensor backs for large format photography using multiple smaller lenses possible?

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