Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Camera Lens Perspective

Camera Lens Perspective

and depth of field

Lens Perspective - slide show

Getting Focus

Creating Depth in Art and Photography

Depth of Field (DoF) calculator

Tilt-shift lens vs perspective correction

How to correct perspective in photos clicked with Fisheye lens || Adobe Photoshop Lightroom



30 Mpx camera and different perspective

Prove to yourself that lens focal lengths don’t affect the perspective

Bokeh simulator & depth of field calculator

google play - Bokeh simulator/DOF calculator

7 Reasons I'm Addicted to PhotoPills

How to use the Spot Stars Calculator - declination of the stars

Sluneční kalkulátor - Sluneční kalkulačka

SunCalc for MeeGo Harmattan

Me and My Shadow - Making the Sun-Earth - diy

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