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How to Clean Epson Print Head - 3800 ...

How to Clean Epson Print Head - 3800

Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Printhead Flushing

Epson 3800 Head Removal

How to clean your Epson 3800 / 3880 Print Head

how to clean EPSON head by manual

How to Professionally Clean Epson 3800 & 3880 Printers

Don't throw out  your EPSON PRO 3800 - 3880 or R3000 printer!
Revive it doing this!

Printhead Removal and Flush

DIY Inkjet print head cleaner,simple,cheap,effective

How to print with Epson 3880 and Epson Hot Press, Fine Art paper

 We talk from start to finish on how to print using a Epson 3880, Apple computer and Adobe Photoshop to get the best prints possible.In this tutorial we talk about printing with the Epson 3880 printer and talk about the Epson Signature Worthy Sample pack.

How to remove the print-head from Epson inkjet printer 3800

Download Epson 3800 - Stylus Pro Color Inkjet Printer Service Manual - pdf

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User manual - 198 pages
Specifications - 12 pages
Brochure - 6 pages

Topic: Epson 7900 from the inside - out  (Read 558974 times)

The following images line up/stack:

1 - healthy piezoelectric printhead (minus it's missing face, plus some microscopic garbage here and there)

2 - Partial workings of an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printhead identified

DX7 F177000 Print Head Nozzle Compatible For EPSON 3800 3850 3890 Printer head


Epson 3800 Not Printing Black

Soon: big test of refillable Epson Pro 3800 cartridges + resetters

Epson 3800 - Problem with L-Magenta

Soon: big test of refillable Epson Pro 3800 cartridges + resetters

Epson R3880 Ink System Repair

Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Support Page

In our experience, if your nozzle check is missing in the same place each time, the print head itself is at fault and the likely cause is ink that has dried outside the print head. If your nozzle check is variable, the likely cause is that air is entering the ink system, usually due to the cartridge failing to make an air-tight seal with the printer. Although often air can enter through internal splits in the ink lines, damper or connections. So if you have a variable nozzle check, we advise changing the suspect cartridge(s). If your nozzle check is missing in the same places each time, read on...

Media or Paper Settings are extremely important

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 review

Epson 3800, Inkrepublic Prints Bluish Black

Cleaning the print head on an Epson Stylus Pro 3800

Part seven: print head clogging

A kind reader recently wrote to suggest an ingenious solution to the Epson 4880 printer head clogging. It is very simple: all you have to do is pour about one cup of plain tap water into the maintenance tank every four months or so. Evidently, the print head parks over the maintenance tank and the key to stop clogging is to keep it from drying out. Waste ink was supposed to do that, but in dry environments or with infrequent printing it is insufficient, and clogging quickly becomes a major issue. Adding water into the maintenance tank provides sufficient liquid to continue evaporating over a longer period of time. According to the reader, this was advised by an Epson engineer.

The life of the maintenance tank is not shortened by adding water because the chip/computer does not know you did so; also, the water evaporates over time, which is what keeps the print head moist and clog free. Naturally, you need to use judgment when adding water, i.e. you should not overflow it. The worst that can happen, though, is that you create a bit of a mess.

I first poured tap water into the maintenance tank in early November 2014, thinking that I would observe how this would work over a longer period of time. Frankly, I was somewhat skeptical at first and did not see any noticeable changes right away; with hindsight, it apparently took some time for the water to evaporate and start providing a more humid micro environment. After a couple of weeks and a number of head cleaning cycles, however, things decidedly turned for the better: I mostly have not experienced head clogging since then, largely regardless of how often I print and how much printing I do in one go.

This may not necessarily work for other printer models, nor may it be a panacea for print head clogging, but the approach is definitely worth exploring.

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