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Precision Focusing Tools for Astrophotography

Home Made Bahtinov Focusing Mask & Templates

Hartmann Mask on a camera lens

The Hartmann Mask

1. Image is extremely out of focus. 
2. Image is brought closer to focus. 
3. Image is almost focused. 
4. Image is now focused. 
5. The image has now been gone past perfect focus and will have to be brought back in focus by adjusting the focuser in the opposite direction. 
6. The image is back in focus. At this stage the image needs to be zoomed in to to check this is really the best focus you can get. The star points should be small and have the small peaks of the triangle just appearing at the dots three corners 

Best Lenses for Milky Way Photography


Precision focusing tool for astrophotography

SharpStar2 precision focusing tool for astrophotography by Lonely Speck

How to process a Milky Way image in Lightroom

ian norman - astrophotography

How to Photograph the Milky Way in Really Heavy Light Pollution Using ETTR (Expose to the Right)

How to Shoot and Retouch the Milky Way - PLP #134

Inside the Milky Way

Milky Way Galaxy Compared to Earth

Milky Way Galaxy Compared to Earth

How to Make a Star Trails Photoshop Action

How to Shoot and Retouch the Milky WaySerge Ramelli

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