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Lighting Like Masters

Lighting Like Masters

Portraits of a Daughter in the Style of Old Master Paintings

Portraits from the underbelly: Beautiful photographs of Spanish gypsies that look like Old Masters painting...
Photographer Pierre Gonnord - pinterest

Pierre Gonnord Interview: Old Master Styled Portraits of Southern Portugal’s Gypsies

Master Lighting Guide

Recorded Webinar on Matching Strobes with Available Light

Lighting Like Leibovitz – The One Light Challenge

I’m a huge fan of Annie Leibovitz and the imagery she has captured over the past few decades. Being a self-taught photographer, I looked to her work time and time again for inspiration and motivation. Over the course of a year, I scoured the internet for information on her lighting setups, equipment and methodology. But, the more I dove in, the less concerned I became about equipment and the more I felt the need to simplify my style...

Old Masters: The O G Strobists

Way back before SB-800's were a glint in Nikon's eye, the Old Masters were working some serious light. In fact, an intimate understanding of light (and how to reproduce it) was integral to their attaining "Old Master" status to begin with...

Paint Like the Masters: One-Source Lighting

Tony Corbell: Taking Inspiration from the Old Masters

Lighting tips from the Masters

Lighting the Old Masters

Lighting the Old Masters from VIA-Verlag on Vimeo.
When illuminating paintings there are three key issues that require addressing: the intention of the artist, energy issues, and the conservation of the works of art. For decades, the possibilities available for defining the meaning of paintings using purposefully designed lighting were limited. The development of solid state lighting has provided a whole new scope for addressing design challenges. Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini from the lighting design practice Consuline in Milan have combined their knowledge and understanding of LED technology and neuroscience, and developed a new design philosophy for lighting paintings and frescoes that is making the international community sit up and listen.
Moritz Gieselmann reports on their work in the Italian city of Monza.

10 Things Henri Cartier-Bresson Can Teach You About Street Photography

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