Saturday, January 4, 2014

Test Print Document For Printers

Test Print Document For Printers

Test Print Document For Epson Printers

The Epson Test Service Print is downloadable if you click on the above graphic or link.

The print can only be opened with Adobe Acrobat 5 or, higher (DO NOT USE PHOTOSHOP OR ANY OTHER APPLICATION ASIDE FROM ACROBAT!!!). Print at 720dpi and 1440 dpi. Include a status print and nozzle check print. Use the Epson driver (NOT a RIP) and a Premium Semimatte paper with a custom page size of 24x12...

Colorsource free universal CMYK test print, for setting perfectly all your printing presses matching ISO12647-2-3-4-6 or IDEAlliance standards

Inkjet Test Target (600 dpi)

PhotoDisc GettyImages Test Image
DOWNLOAD PDI Color Calibration Target Photos

Experiments with Pixels Per Inch (PPI) on Printed Image Sharpness
The human eye, under best lighting conditions, can resolve objects slightly less than one arc minute (Blackwell, 1946; reference and plots are in my book Visual Astronomy of the Deep Sky, click here to go to my visual astronomy pages ). One arc-minute corresponds to 0.003 inch at a distance of 10 inches. The inverse of 0.003 = 344, but it takes at least two pixels to resolve something, so double this number and we get about 700 ppi as the resolution of the eye at one arc-minute. The eye can do a little better, so perhaps 1000 ppi is the limit...

lookingforadventure colorbars

A Black and White test image

Testing your monochrome printer


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