Thursday, January 30, 2014

Epson printing masterclass

Epson printing masterclass

Epson printing masterclass: Episode 1 - colour accuracy

Epson printing masterclass: Episode 2 - black and white printing

Professional digital photo printing masterclass - Photokina - Epson

Inkjet Printing Masterclass - Introduction

Colour Management explained

Inkjet Printing Masterclass

1. Professional Print Workers: printing for profit!
From 06.20

2. Enthusiast Print Workers: printing to professional standards for fun!
From 14.45

3. Ground rules for colour inkjet printing
From 0.00

4. Advice from an opinionated old print worker!
From 10.05

5. What do you want from your colour prints?
from 23.30

6. Basic Colour Printing Techniques

7. Advanced Colour Printing Techniques

8. Very Advanced Colour Printing Techniques

9. Submitting yourself to Critism

10. Essential further Study

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