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Using Lightroom on Two Computers

Using Lightroom on Two Computers

The Top Q&A’s About The Lightroom 5 Upgrade

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Sharing Lightroom with Multiple Computers

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Shooting in Raw + JPEG Mode: Why Most of Us Shouldn’t, And How to Set Lightroom Preferences If You Do

Lightroom Tutorials & Tips » Library / Export / Import / Catalog Management

Moving LR catalog to external hard drive

How do I edit and import Catalogs?
How do I open my old Lightroom catalog into my new version of Lightroom?
Can I have more than one catalog?
How do I combine my catalogs into a master catalog?
Where is my catalog, and can I move it?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.2 RC


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    Top 3 Lightroom 5 new features!

    ... An added bonus of the Smart Preview is that it is quicker to switch to Develop mode and apply adjustments since you are reading the preview, not the full RAW file. This is fantastic news for owners of the Nikon D800, D600, or other very high resolution cameras as you can edit those massive files very quickly now! ...

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