Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tips to Improve Lightroom’s Speed

Tips to Improve Lightroom’s Speed

10 Tips to Improve Lightroom’s Speed and Performance Without Additional Hardware

1. Use Optimal Settings During the Import Process
2. Use an Adequately Sized Cache Folder
3. Cache Folder Location
4. Choose an Appropriate Standard Preview Size
5. Turn Off XMP Unless Needed
6. Optimize the Lightroom Catalog
7. Render 1:1 Previews Prior to Editing
8. Keep Catalog Sizes Small < 10k Images if Possible
9. Free Up Your Hard Drives!
10. Frequently Run Disk Defrag

Sharing Lightroom with Multiple Computers

10 Tips to Improve the Speed and Performance of Lightroom

Adobe - Lightroom Help / Optimize performance

Use optimal settings in Lightroom

Render 1:1 previews intentionally
Keep standard-size previews as small as possible
Keep 1:1 previews as long as possible
Keep the catalog and preview cache in the same folder
Leave autowrite XMP turned off
Optimize the catalog
Increase the Camera Raw cache size

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book: The Ideal Computer Setup for Lightroom



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  1. Lightroom 4 slow slow slow - very disappointed [Updated 6 june 2012]