Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nikon D70 Focusing Problems DIY

Nikon D70 Focusing Problems DIY

Nikon D70 Features and Controls

D70 Menu screens

A Workaround for Nikon D70 Focusing Problems

There are many complains on the Nikon D70 focusing problems. I would like to address the one I ran into. My D70 showed symptoms that I can qualify as back focus. PLEASE NOTE, that I had a perfectly working auto focus system in terms that it focused fast and precisely on the subject I expected it to focus on, and I could verify that by looking into the viewfinder...

Sensor Cleaning Tutorial

Nikon D70 Repair Manual

AF fine tune for D70s

Cleaning your Sensor

Copper Hill Tutorials and products for your D-SLR, computer, portable devices and home of the "CopperHill Method"

15 Nikon D70 problems

Nikon D70 Shutter Broken

Exceeding the D70's 1/500 flash sync speed

How to Repair Lens Problems on Your Digital Camera

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