Friday, February 4, 2011

Point of view

Point of view

A Point of View

5 Ways A Low Angle Will Improve Your Photos

Out of Focus—On Purpose
F-stop matters somewhat less than is generally taught.
Closeness to subject matters a lot.
Relative subject distance matters a lot, too.
Get lower to the ground.
Choose a background lacking in specular highlights.
Get a bigger camera.
Get a longer lens.
Buy a tilt-and-shift lens and use it wrong.
Buy a Lensbaby.
Just reach for the "blur" brush in Photoshop.

Staffa Position Is Everything

How to Use Your Lens Angle of View

Composition and Camera Angles Jeff Smith

Choosing the best camera angle photography tip

How Ansel Adams Captured "Moonrise Hernandez"

Marc Silber Interviews Adams' son Michael in Yosemite

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