Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shooting the Switcheroo Catalog

Shooting the Switcheroo Catalog

Los Angeles toy photographer Brian McCarty is back with more fun in this hands-on look at photographing toy artwork on location in relatively tight quarters. Here, you'll see how Brian was able to create studio-quality results in less than studio-space conditions. The techniques he demonstrates work great for not only toys, but any type of tabletop product photography, especially those products with difficult-to-control reflective surfaces.

Working with toys for over 15 years, McCarty’s unique and innovative vision has attracted a huge international following. After working in-house for companies such as Mattel, McCarty founded his own studio and made it a focal point for artistic and commercial collaboration with others from the Art-Toy world. His commercial photography roster has grown to include pop-culture clients such as Rockstar Games, MTV, and Cartoon Network.

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