Monday, May 1, 2017

Nature mild Orton Effect

Nature mild Orton Effect

Norway fjords: wide or long lens?

Norway mild Orton Effect

Is The Orton Effect Taking Over Landscape Photography?

How To Create The Orton Effect in Photoshop (Including Action Set)

Free Photoshop Action & Tutorial – Orton Glow

15 Dreamy Photographs Reveal Norway's Best-Kept Secret
...I used a mild Orton Effect to soften the sky a bit, and really show how much the scene glowed...

Create the effect for you with a single click. , from Google, uses Glamour Glow to produce a similar effect

Orton Effect Photoshop Action

How to Simulate the Orton Effect in Lightroom

Create an Orton Style Photographic Effect in Lightroom & Free Preset

Dreamy Wonderland - Preset 13: Orton effect

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