Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lightroom Library Filters

Lightroom Library Filters

Lightroom Library Filter

LR Library Filters

The Library module has a wealth of tools that are only barely visible, and often overlooked. Watching people using it, many seem to organise things only using the folder list on the left; some use collections as well, but the filtering seems to be pretty much overlooked. I get a terrible case of back-seat-driver-itis watching people paging through hundreds of photos, or stabbing into one folder after another, trying to find some photo or other when all they need to do is think about filtering...

The Metadata Filter

The Text Filter

The Attribute Filter

The “Kind” filter

The Other Filter Bar

Lightroom search

HDR – Highly Dubious Rendering?

LR Virtual Copies  copy

LR Import – Advanced Options

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