Sunday, May 8, 2016

How to build Large format Folding Camera

How to build Large format Folding Camera

Nikon adapter ring for another lenses

ebay Folding-Cameras

speed graflex 2x3

large format camera front & rear frame

Toyo 4x5 45CX Large Format Camera

I Build a Camera

Large Format Photography For Dummies

4x5 - 45 Pacemaker Speed and Crown Graphic pdf

How I Built An 11x14 View Camera

3D renders of my future 8x10 camera




How to make an ultra large format camera

Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic 3x4 3¼x4¼ Focusing Rail, Rail Guides, Pinion

Choosing a Large Format Camera

I Built Myself a 16×20-Inch Camera in 10 Hours

The Journey of the Stolen Korona

Bellows Extension Calculator

Building the Bellows

bellows calculator

Our Relationship with ARCA-SWISS

Comparing the Image Quality of Film and Digital

Perfect Exposures with Large Format Cameras

forum - Shen hao 7X17

New!Shenhao PTB617 Folding Profressional Camera

Why do large format cameras provide such a shallow depth of field at a wide angle of view that you can't get with dslrs?

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