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Negative darkroom editing

Negative darkroom editing

alternative photography com


Darkroom manipulation

Photographie 8 The portrait of Henri Cartier-Bresson captured by Bob Henriques during Martin Luther King’s march on Washington

Ben Horne: Contemporary Large Format Landscape & Nature ... photography

Ben Horne - youtube

My philosophy is to get to know the location before even bringing my camera with me into the wilderness. I will often spend several days at each location so I can experience sunrise, sunset, and the way that the light falls on the land. This allows me to formulate how best to capture the beauty of a scene. Without doing this, I find myself very intimidated by the beauty of a location, and feel that I am not capable of truly capturing the essence of a location... 

shot on 8x10 film, and a few of my earlier images were shot on 4x5 film ...

IQ180 Vs. 8X10 film article

No cropping? LOL.
Here's Henri Cartier-Bresson's original negative of his famous "Behind the Gare St. Lazare",
aka "man jumping a puddle"


Picasso original

Picasso cropped

Dimensions: 500 × 640 (0.3 MP)

The Past "Photography" the Future "Imagery" Not for ME!

dictatorial nonsense

Where did it all begin?

Sand Creek Lakes - Not your normal wedding photoshoot

Scanning and Editing Color Negative FIlm

Luminosity Masks and Film Scans

Backpacking with a 4x5 Camera

Color Film Choices for Landscapes

First Impressions with the Fuji G617 Panoramic Camera

negative film processing


Contact Sheet: Hendrix

V-J Day in Contact Sheets

Comparing Digital and Large Format

My Photographic Journey: (Ep.10) Comparing Digital and Large Format Technique
[Ben Horne]

Digital vs. Film - Canon 5D Mark II vs. Kodak Ektar 35mm "Pound for Pound, Pixel for Pixel"

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