Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lightroom Backup Strategies 5

Lightroom Backup Strategies 5

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In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne discusses backup strategies for the Lightroom catalog, incremental backup catalogs, photographs, presets, preferences, and additional supporting files. Of course there are many ways to manage files - this tutorial is intended to help you identify the best approach for your workflow.


Lightroom Backup plugin - TPG-LR-Backup

LR5 multi-platform backup strategy

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What is the best way to move lightroom work (folders) from my laptop to my tower?

How do I synchronize the Lr catalogs between two computers?

Lightroom Help / Lightroom catalog FAQ

From Laptop to Desktop: Synching Catalogs on Two Computers in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

Sync LR Catalog between 2 computers but not master files

Sync Hacks: How to Use Adobe Lightroom with BitTorrent Sync to Edit Photos Anywhere

source: Using Lightroom with BitTorrent Sync

Sync Hacks is a column dedicated to exploring new applications for BitTorrent Sync, as built by users like you. BitTorrent Sync

How to Sync LightRoom between Laptop/Desktop?

How to use Lightroom 5 Smart Previews to sync from a desktop to a laptop

Using Lightroom with Cloud Storage

Multi-User Lightroom January 8, 2014 by Mark Fletcher

Lightroom 5 In Depth: Importing, Catalogs, and Organizing Your Photos, with Matt Kloskowski

Professional-Grade Backup Plans
My Backup Plan: Building a Reliable System That Protects My Digital Photography From The Inevitable

What is the best way to move lightroom work (folders) from my laptop to my tower?

New Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials And Adobe Photoshop CC Inspiration At

Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials Roadmap

LR - Backup Cleaner

Good Technique for Backing Up a Lightroom Catalog

My new approach to offsite backups from Lightroom

Quick and easy way to back up Lightroom

Which Lightroom files do I need to back up?  The Lightroom Queen

wincmd.ini + wcx_ftp.ini Odkaz na zdroj: Záloha nastavení a záloha uložených FTP účtů v Total Commander

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