Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shooting at evening or at night

Shooting at evening or at night

Easy Off-Camera Flash for Wedding Photography with Cliff Mautner

Balancing Strobes with a Setting Sun: A Lighting Tutorial!

Photography Lighting For Wedding Night Portraits

In Camera Artistry: Using Any Light Source

Creating a Romantic Portrait on Location with Bobbi Lane

Light Shaping - Speedlights 101 with Mark Wallace

Basics of Flash Photography
Four Fundamentals we must know

 Actual Measured Flash Durations of Small Speedlight Strobes

Lighting tips for shooting a night wedding outdoors

7 Things Every Wedding Photogapher Must Do the Two Night Before a Wedding Shoot

68 ESSENTIAL Wedding Photography Tips

Nikon SB 910 - manual

Pixel 3rd Generation King Pro Wireless TTL Flash Trigger Set for Nikon with LCD Display

Archive 2012 · Shooting TTL on an SB-910 D4 D700

Shooting a outdoor reception at night.

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