Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Advanced Photography Tutorials

Advanced Photography Tutorials

Lenses and Optics:

  1. How to Read MTF Charts
  2. What is Spherical Aberration?
  3. What is Distortion?
  4. What is Vignetting?
  5. What is Chromatic Aberration?
  6. What is Field Curvature?
  7. What is Focus Shift?
  8. What is Ghosting and Flare?
  9. The Red Dot Flare Issue
  10. Equivalent Focal Length and Field of View
  11. The Effect of Dust on Lens Bokeh
  12. Use Nikon Lenses on Canon DSLRs
  13. How to Quickly Test your DSLR for Autofocus Issues
  14. Image Degradation with Nikon Teleconverters
  15. How to Remove Dust from Nikon 24-70mm lens

Cameras and Sensors:

  1. Lens Calibration Explained
  2. What is a Low-Pass Filter?
  3. Benefits of a High Resolution Sensor
  4. Why Downsampling an Image Reduces Noise
  5. Why Sensor Dust is More Visible at Small Apertures
  6. What is Moiré?
  7. How to Avoid Moiré
  8. Lens Stabilization vs In-camera Stabilization

Wedding Photography Tips:

  1. Wedding Photography Tips: Synchronize Your Cameras

Photography Tutorials and Articles:

  1. How to Effectively Sell Your Photo Gear on eBay
  2. Introduction to Infrared Photography
  3. Tips on Photographing Wedding Formals and Group Portraits
  4. Don’t Get Stuck with Your Gear – Pursue Your Passion
  5. Social Media for Your Photography Business
  6. Taekwondo Photography Tips
  7. Corporate Event Photography Tips
  8. How to Photograph Corporate Portraits

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