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Lightroom 4 Preset System 1.2 Update & Downloadable Digital DVD

Lightroom 4 Preset System 1.2 Update & Downloadable Digital DVD

Lightroom 4 Preset System 1.2 Update

A collection of 216 Presets including 189 Develop Presets, 27 Brush Presets, and a nearly 6 hour digital DVD featuring over 40 video tutorials to teach you how to get the most from this powerful system!

We are confident that this is the best Lightroom 4 Preset System available. It is designed to not only be powerful enough to create any effect, but also intuitive enough to achieve them in just a few clicks saving you boat loads of time!

The LR4 Preset System is designed for virtually any look and effect, for example:
Basic Color Correction
Faux HDR Processing
Vintage Fades and Washes
Black and White and Antique Efects
Tilt Shift and Toy Camera Special Effects
Detail Enhancing
Portrait Retouching
and more, the sky is the limit!

What’s Included in the System
189 Develop Presets – From 1-Click Mixologies, to Base Adjustments, to every type of curve (vintage, poppy, etc) you can imagine, to Color Toning and Special Effects; this system has everything you need to pull off virtually any look and effect within just a couple of clicks!
27 Brush Presets – For advanced retouch and detail enhancing, we have included 26 Brush Presets that will help you retouch skin, enhance eyes, enhance backgrounds, and more!
28 Mixologies – We have also included 28 One-Click Mixology Presets which include some of our favorite go-to studio effects, as well as some awesome creative effects and examples. Each built with the LR4 Preset System.

Preset System Digital DVD Download – Included in your purchase is the LR4 Preset System Digital DVD which contains 44 HD tutorials teaching you everything you need to know about the Lightroom 4 Preset System. From installation and updating, to how we created each and every Mixology, to advanced effects and retouching.

Ongoing Mixologies and Tutorials – We will constantly be releasing new Mixology recipes and tutorials showing you how to get the most from your LR4 Preset System! Simply follow us on Facebook and on the SLR Lounge Lightroom Page to see the latest and greatest!

DVD Table of Contents
Besides the actual presets and the exercise files, we’ve included the following video tutorials:
Chapter 1 – Intro and Install
1. Introduction
2. Preset Demonstration
3. First Time Preset Installation
4. Installing Updates
5. Develop Presets Introduction
6. Brush Presets Introduction
7. Setting Standard Import Preset
8. Customizing Standard Import Preset

Chapter 2 – Creating Mixologies
1. Soft Portrait Standard Color
2. Soft Portrait Standard Desaturated
3. Soft Portrait Standard B&W
4. Vivid Landscape Standard Color
5. Vivid Landscape Standard Desaturated
6. Vivid Landscape Standard B&W
7. Vivid Landscape HDR Light
8. Vivid Landscape HDR Strong
9. Vivid Landscape HDR B&W
10. Vivid Landscape HDR Grunge
11. Vivid Landscape HDR B&W Grunge
12. Stylized Color Contrast Crush
13. Stylized Color Teal Orange Crush
14. Stylized Color Yellow Violet Crush
15. Stylized Color Whimsical Green
16. Stylized Color Whimsical Yellow
17. Vintage Fades Neutral Fade
18. Vintage Fades Cool Fade
19. Vintage Fades Warm Fade
20. Vintage Fades Bronzed Fade
21. Vintage Fades Warm Punchy Vintage
22. Vintage Fades Subtle Poppy Vintage
23. B&W Fades Bright Fade
24. B&W Fades Fade With Clipped Blacks
25. B&W Fades Soft Film Fade
26. B&W Fades High Contrast Film
27. Toy Camera Warm Faded Slide Film
28. Toy Camera Poppy Orange Teal Slide Film

Chapter 3 – Brushes & More
1. Retouching a Portrait Part I
2. Retouching a Portrait Part II
3. Detail Enhancing
4. Creative Brushing
5. Tilt Shift Effect
6. Advanced Dust Correction Curve
7. Removing HDR Effects Over Skin


Mixology Recipe
1. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 06 Lighten (+1 Exposure)
2. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 15 Medium HDR (Base Tones)
3. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 23 Light Boost (Detail)
4. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 34 Medium Boost (Contrast)
5. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 44 Medium Brighten (Blacks)
6. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 62 Light (Noise Reduction)

1. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 17 Max HDR (Base Tones)
2. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 23 Light Boost (Detail)
3. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 35 Heavy Boost (Contrast)
4. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 52 Neutral (Zeroed Saturation)
5. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 62 Light (Noise Reduction)
6. NEUTRAL CURVES –> 31 Ivory (Neutral Punch)

LR5 Preset System Mixology

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