Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Which is the best RAW Conversion Software?

Which is the best RAW Conversion Software?

Deconstructing RAW – Part I Deconstructing RAW – Part II Deconstructing RAW – Part III

Srovnání kvality zpracování fotografií – chromatická aberace, ostření, demosaic
RawTherapee 4.0.9 vs Lightroom 3.5
RAW is not Raw
This week I'm going to explain why RAW files aren't quite as raw as you think they are. This has been one of the most difficult of my columns to write. It all makes complete sense and is pretty simple...once you understand it. Getting to that understanding isn't easy...

Dynamic range test

Which is the best RAW Conversion Software?
If you shoot RAW you want the best, but which RAW conversion software is best for your digital SLR camera’s RAW files? The RAW Darkroom is all about testing available RAW file conversion software to find the best RAW software for each DSLR camera, and each ISO setting.

RAW deathmatch – Lightroom 3 vs DXO 6 vs Capture One 5 vs Bibble 5
With new releases in RAW processing software, I decided to take a look at the newest professional programs and see how they measure up in terms of image quality, features, UI and speed. The results will surprise you. Update: There is a new article on the subject that uses the final release of Lightroom 3 and adds Apple Aperture 3 in the mix...

Dynamic Range comparison of RAW v/s video mode on the Canon 550D

RAW Processors – an extensive review of Aperture, Bibble, Capture One, DxO and Lightroom
RAW processors are getting better with each generation, enabling photographers to produce and manage images of unparalleled quality. The competition is very fierce, with prices ranging from free to over $400, from quick apps aimed at casual users to professional tools. Following up on my previous articles, I am comparing the top 5 RAW converters to see which one is better for you. If you wonder why it took so long, it’s because with each version, I take the time to become familiar with each application and explore its strengths and weaknesses. I spent in total three weeks with the programs and the test images. features

Digital SLR Camera RAW Workflows

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