Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Instructions for Nikon D70 by Deadpixel

DIY Mod Instructions for Nikon D70 by Deadpixel

Deadpixel has very kindly given me consent to post his DIY Instructions to mod the Nikon D70 for IR here from

If you have nerves of steel and want to take the plunge to do it yourself, this is a very good and detailed on how to DIY.

This post is my attempt to outline the D70 to D70i conversion process. I know that there are various sites out there that have done this too but I noticed that most are quick outlines that do not go into details about possible issues that a modder might encounter and some are just pages of technical details comparing a converted camera against an unconverted one. I hope to outline the process in a way that will reassure anyone wishing convert their own camera that it is relatively easy and safe...


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