Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Understanding Exposure

Understanding Exposure

A Complex Subject Made Simple for Beginners

History & Moonshots
When I was in my teens (in the mid-1960s) and just starting to make my way in the world of photography in a serious manner, Pentax brought out the Spotmatic. This was an SLR, very much in the modern idiom, but it contained the world's first behind the lens metering system. One had to manually close down the aperture to take a reading, and notwithstanding the name it wasn't a spotmeter, but everyone who bought one thought that they'd died and gone to heaven. Imagine — a camera that could read exposure through the shooting lens, with filters, bellows extension and all. Damn, technology was advancing so much we might even land a man on the moon one day...


Expose (to the) Right Michael Reichmann

Optimizing Exposure

Naučte se exponovat správně


Understanding Exposure Compensation Tutorial

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