Monday, August 9, 2010

Sharpening and Noise Reduction in Lightroom Video Tutorial

Sharpening and Noise Reduction in the – Lightroom

Sharpening and Noise Reduction in the Detail Panel – Lightroom Video Tutorial

One of Jodi’s recent posts on the MCP Facebook page was a challenge to photographers on how to handle a tricky lighting situation. In Jodi’s post, see the thread here , she was at a gymnastic event for her daughter, and she was limited by her maximum lens aperture of f/2.8, and needed to shoot at 1/300-1/500 to freeze motion.

Having been in similar scenarios, I know firsthand what she was up against. As a wedding photographer I can tell you how tricky it can be shooting in a poorly lit church or reception hall!

Getting a correct exposure boils down to a combination of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and they all work together. Change one value by one stop, and you have to compensate by adjusting one of the remaining 2 values by one stop.

In Jodi’s case, she had her shutter speed set to 1/300 and 1/500 depending on the action taking place, and an aperture of f/2.8, and she needed 1 more stop of light. My comment on the post was “Bump your ISO to 12,800 or 25,600 and use Lightroom or Photoshop’s amazing noise reduction in post, and accept the grain as a “cost” of getting the shot.”...


Sharpening and Noise Reduction in the Detail Panel – Lightroom Video Tutorial

(The Lightroom video tutorial in this post is just under the introductory text below. The working files for this Lightroom video tutorial can be found just above the video.)
The Detail Panel contains some extremely important image adjustments. Sharpening and Noise Reduction are mission critical image adjustments especially when it comes to getting images to come out well in print.
In this Lightroom video tutorial we will be going over the basics of each of the Sharpening and Noise Reduction sliders and features in the Lightroom Develop Module Detail Panel. There is quite a bit of important information here, so the video is a bit longer, but should prove quite useful.

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