Thursday, February 4, 2010

Posing Techniques

Posing Techniques

Secrets to Romantic Portraits Pt.1

Secrets of Romantic Portraits Part 2 Equipment

Posing Techniques Refined part 3

Posing Techniques Refined cont'd part 3B

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Flash Portrait Photography Tips

Love Photography (watch in High Quality)

Annie & Henry Pre-wedding Photo (ShangHai)

Couples Photography presented by Homes in WA

Patrícia & Júnior - Pre-wedding photoshoot

Wedding Photography Insight with Jeff Ascough

Jeff Ascough has been a professional wedding photographer in the United Kingdom since 1989. He has covered over 1000 weddings with a documentary photography style. Ascough emphasizes capturing the moment without any prompting or interference and using available light. American Photo voted Ascough as one of the ten best wedding photographers in the world.

He is also a Canon Ambassador and uses the Canon 5D Mark II’s due to the low light capabilities. Frank Van Riper in America’s Washington Post described Jeff as “A master at shooting by available light” and went on to describe his images as “…among the best I ever have seen—an absolute pleasure to see.”

Jeff took a moment to answer questions from members in the Wedding Photography Forum. Here’s the original Q&A thread.

To familiarize yourself with Jeff and his work, you may want to read an earlier interview Mary and members did with him in 2008 first:

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