Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding Photo Inspirations

Wedding Photo Inspirations

Wedding Photography 101

What to Shoot?
Shoot EVERYTHING. Here's a standard list:

weekly photo tips blogspot.com

Getting Started as a Wedding Photographer

jules photographer wall

martin kozak photoblog - svatební přípravy

Wedding Photography Tips – Impact For Getting Ready Photos

Wedding Photography Tips – Reflections

Getting creative at weddings – trying out unique lenses

Casey Fatchett is a wedding photographer who has photographed many couples while the actual proposal is happening

Nayeem Vohra is a New Jersey-based wedding photographer who produces fusion slideshows regularly with Animoto.
Here we talk about fusion tips and tricks, along with words of wisdom for photographers shooting a South Asian wedding for the first time

A Day in the Life of Storey Wilkins

WPPI - wedding winers

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